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Hugues Anhes uses photography as a medium which allows his subects to reveal themselves.  Through their eyes he touches souls in their intimacy to expose part in all of us which is universal.

With his in-situ art project he named "Affichez-Vous" (Show yourself up) Hugues Anhes  gives a pretext for people who never met to change their point of view about each other and themselves. Hugues Anhes’s technique is to  make portraits of different people  which  are  then printed and superposed on each other.  He then  scratches  and alters these  surface and  revealing  and mixing differences making us reflect on what is the same and different. 
His installations build cultural bridges and provide  us with a reflection of who we are as human beings and contribute to creating  a new collective consciousness.

2018 #MostreSe, Goethe Institut Salvador - Brazil.
2018 Honnor the Ancestors, Chamberlain, South Dakota - USA.
2018 All Related, Climax festival, Bordeaux - France.
2018 A picture for Fraternity, collective exhibition, Place du Palais Royal, Paris.
2018 Start, Parc des Docks, St Ouen.
2018 "Manuskript", collaborative music video with Curse, Berlin.
2017 Brotherhood, Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre, Paris. 2017 XUL , Orléans.
2017 "Prose Élite", collaborative music video with Médine, France.
2016 The Toad Knew, Théâtre du Rond Point, Paris.
2016 Migrants' Scène, Maison des Métallos, Paris.
2016 "Affichez-Vous", Paris.
2014 Rive gauche, collective exhibition, Le Bon Marché, Paris.
2013 Introspection, Adamastor Studio, Lisbonne, Portugal.
2012 Jéricho, collective exhibition, Galerie Jean Collet, Vitry sur Seine.
2012 Hiroshima/Nagasaki 60, collective exhibition, Théatre Jean Vilar, Vitry sur Seine.

2018 Goethe Institut Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
2018 Native Hope, Chamberlain, South Dakota U.S.A

A Tarde (Brasil - 06.12.2018)
Correio (Brasil - 07.12.2018)
Muito (Brasil - 09.12.2018)
AloAlo Bahia (03.12.2018)
Art Press
magazine #445 (France - 2017)

Photo © Nicolas Latouche

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