In situ art project mixing large format superposed and torn photographs. Those installations reveal differences and challenge our perception of others to build cultural bridges and connect people to create a new collective consciousness.


2018 Oct/Dec. Artistic residency in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.
2018 July Performance in Le Mila, Paris (watch)
2018 Feb Collaboration with Curse "Manuskript" (watch video)
2017 Oct. Laureate of "Fraternité Générale".

Exhibitions & Collaborations

2017 Oct. Collaboration with The Heart Art agency, Berlin
2017 Oct. Performance in situ at Fête des Vendanges, Paris

2017 May XUL Art Festival , Orléans.
2017 Jan. Collaboration with french rapper Médine "Prose Elite" (watch)

2016 Nov. Performance in situ at Centre Anim' Chapelle, Paris.

2016 Nov.  Performance in situ at Festival Migrants Scene/La Cimade, Paris.

2016 July Performance in situ in Paris 18e & 19e.

2017 June Cover of ART PRESS magazine #445


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